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Software Examples and Demonstrations

I have worked on a variety of applications, the code provided below has not been used as part of a commercial application and the CopyRight is owned by myself. The software is provided for educational purposes only. If you wish to use the code below for a commercial application, please contact me for permission.




reptile temperature monitor Reptile Temperature Monitor - Written in VB.Net - this software takes temperature readings from a Measurement Computing USB-based 8-channel thermocouple input module, logs them into a MS Access Database, Graphs the reading real time on the screen, and has code in place to send SMS messages. Compile the project, place the database file in a folder C:/Reptiles and place the dll in the same folder as the exe. VB.Net_Project
nick hardman sale The Nick Hardman Sale - Written in HTML and Perl, this online shop was my first attempt at building an online shop using a commercial package. You may notice, I built this shop before I learned how to use photoshop. Preview
openGL 3D Tank Simulation - Written in C++/OpenGL - this software models a simple tank in a 3d environment. Extract the project and run the exe. Executable_Project
Source Code
openGL Genetic Algorithm - Written in C#.Net - this software calculates the optimal position for a spider to live based on the location of food and the location of the preditors. This could be modified to calculate the optimum layout of a variety of problems. More_Info
VRML 3D Ocean Scene Simulation - Written in VRML - this software models an ocean scene, with animated birds, sea and sounds. You can walk around into a cave. Many animations are dependent upon your position in the world. You will neeed to download a copy of Cortona to view this world. Project_Files